Question: Does the Sturgeon Bay Police Department do fingerprinting? Answer: Yes, the Sturgeon Bay Police Department does do fingerprinting during normal business hours (8AM to 4:30PM) for a nominal fee.

  • $10.00 for one card.
  • $20.00 for two or more cards.
Cash or Checks payable to the Sturgeon Bay Police Department are accepted. Sorry we don't accept Credit Cards.

Question: What information should I get from the other driver(s) if I am involved in an accident? Answer: Always try to get their plates right away in case they decide to flee. Then, request the drivers' names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance company information including the company's name, agent, and phone number.

Question: If I am involved in an accident when do I need to contact Police? Answer: You need to contact Police when any one of the following occurs:

  1. Injury or fatality of a person.
  2. Damage to one person's property to an extent of $1,000 or more.
  3. Damage to government owned property to an extent of $200 or more, except government owned vehicles, which are $1,000.

  4. **If none of these are met you can choose not to contact Police and work things out between all parties involved or you can complete the Self Reporting Accident Form:[MV4002.pdf]

Question: What are the hours for the winter parking ban? Answer: The hours for the winter parking ban are as follows from 2AM to 6AM during the months of December through April.

Question: How do I obtain a winter parking permit? Answer: You can obtain a winter parking permit by picking one up at the City of Sturgeon Bay Municipal Services office at 835 N. 14th Avenue. The cost of the winter parking permit is $50.00 for a seasonal pass and a monthly pass is $20.00

Question: Where do I park my vehicle during the winter parking ban if I have already purchased a parking permit? Answer: Depending on the day whether its even or odd you park on that side of the street. Make sure to place your parking permit on your dash so it is visible.

Question: If I receive a parking ticket where can I pay it? Answer: You can pay your parking ticket by dropping it off in front of City Hall in the box marked for utilities or you can mail or drop it off at the Police Departments lobby

Question: How do I pick up a copy of a Police report? Answer: Copies of Police reports can be picked up at the Police Department lobby for a fee.

  • Police Reports- $0.25 for each page.
  • Color Photographs- $0.50 for each photograph.
  • CD or DVD- $10.00 for each CD or DVD.

Question: Where can I get information on landlord tenant information? Answer: The following are links to pertinent information on landlord tenant situations:

Question: Where do I find a map of Sturgeon Bay? Answer: You can find a map of Sturgeon Bay right here Sturgeon Bay City Map.pdf

Question: How do I commend or file a complaint against a Police Officer? Answer: You can commend or file a complaint against an Officer by contacting the Chief of Police during normal business hours. The Chief of Police can be contacted at:

Question: What are the curfew hours in the City of Sturgeon Bay? Answer: Curfew is from 12 AM to 5 AM.

Question: I am a victim of a crime what resources are available to me? Answer: If you are a victim of a crime you should of received a crime victims rights form from the Officer. If you didnt please contact the Police Department at 920-746-2450. You can get further victims rights information by using the Vine Link Service Victim Information and Notification Everyday

Question: How do I pay for a ticket? Answer: You can pay your traffic or municipal ordinance citation by mailing it to the Door County Clerk of Courts at:

Door County Justice Center
1205 S. Duluth Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235
You can also stop into the Door County Justice Center to pay for your traffic or municipal citation in person. You may call the Clerk of Court at 920-746-2205 .

Question: How does one inquire about careers with the Sturgeon Bay Police Department? Answer: Those interested in careers with the Sturgeon Bay Police Department should visit our recruitment page located on our website Sturgeon Bay Recruitment.pdf.

Question: How do I find information on the City Ordinances? Answer: The City Ordinances are located here Sturgeon Bay City Ordinances

Question: How can I find out if an Offender is still incacerated in jail and or prison? Answer: You can find out by using Vine Link "Victim Information and Notification Everyday" Vine Link: Victim Information and Notification Everyday