Investigations Division

SBPD Crime UnitThe Investigator investigates all investigations that come into the Sturgeon Bay Police Department. There are also specialized investigation units such as:

  • Accident Reconstruction Unit
  • Boat Reconstruction Unit
  • Sensitive Crimes Unit
  • Drug Unit
  • Internet Crimes Unit

The Investigators are supported by evidence technicians trained in gathering evidence that the Investigators and or Patrol Division may come across. Those pieces of evidence are housed in the Sturgeon Bay Police Departments Evidence Room and or impound.

Sturgeon Bay Police Department Investigations

Many times, Investigations are solved by ordinary citizens assisting Officers by providing valuable information pertaining to crimes, which leads to a suspect being arrested. We thank all of you for doing this, without your help many criminals would go unpunished.

If you have any information regarding any investigation currently ongoing, please feel free to use the anonymous tip form.